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Often I come across many well-intentioned people who want to "save me" from my atheism. I can appreciate that, because if I believed anyone was going to be tortured for eternity*, and there was something I might be able to do about it, I would do the same. For over 3 years, I devoted my life (made it a full-time job) to examine and contemplate the questions and arguments for and against a god's existence, as well as claims of Christianity. Since that time (about a decade ago), I have yet to come across an argument I have not heard before. For this reason, I am answering all the questions I have been asked before here.

If you would like to have a discussion with me about God, please read through these questions and answers. Comment on any answer and I will respond. If there is a question you would like to ask that is not asked here, post it as a new question.

Thank you!

* Some people don't believe in a Hell and are just curious about what I believe and why I believe it.

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