Question: What are some great ways to build podcasting listenership?

Podcasting has often been compared to talking to oneself -- because of the fact that the vast majority of podcasts have very few listeners. But there are many podcasts out there that have a large audience. How did that happen? While there are many factors that contribute to a successful podcast, here are ten things you can do today to build your existing audience.

Cross Promote. If you have existing lists, websites, followers, "friends", etc., use those resources to announce your new podcast.

Create an Interactive Website. Use the magical world of social networking to create your own social website where you can host your podcasts, and create a thriving online community focused on your podcast. Listeners will find you through your website.

List in iTunes. Listing your podcast in iTunes is easy and sooooo worth it. If you have not done this already, make sure you do.

List in Other Podcasting Directories. The Internet is full of podcasting directories where people go to subscribe and find new podcasts. Here is a good resource I have come across.

Be a Guest on Other Podcasts. Most podcasts that are of an interview format are hungry for good guests. Seek podcasts out that would have a listener base similar to yours and contact the producer. Sell yourself as to why you would make a great guest. Only after they agree to have you on, make sure you can plug your podcast.

Post On Facebook. It is easy to post RSS feeds, video and audio content on Facebook. You also want to setup your own "fan" page on Facebook as well for your podcast.

Twitter it Up. Every podcast should have a Tweet. Follow people who post about your topic.

Partner with Groups/Associations. We did a podcast on public speaking that was mildly successful. We then worked with Toastmasters International to be their official podcasters. Within just a couple of months, our listenership more than tripled.

Interview Influential People. For Twooting, the podcast all about Twitter, we were fortunate enough to get the very sweet Natali DelConte from CNET to appear as guest. She Tweeted the show URL out to her 25,000+ followers and we had a significant jump in our subscribers. Just make sure you are interviewing people for the value they can add to your content, not just to get more listeners. We also interview people that are relatively unknown and have 5 followers on Twitter -- some of those interviews make up our best episodes.

Do Live Events. If your podcast is one that you can broadcast from an event -- like a tradeshow, then do it. Work with the event organizer and tell him or her your plans and how your podcast will be made available to all attendees. It could be a huge win-win. For EVcast, we do select auto shows, meet our listeners and pick up many new ones.

This is by far not a comprehensive list, but a great start. Do you have anything to add? Post in the comments below, especially if you have a personal example to go along with it.