Question: Claim dismissed or labeled wrong, because it is not understood?

Hey Alan, if you are new to this site you may be unaware of the numerous incoherent claims made, or clumsy questions presented in the form of claims (petitio principii), but it is what makes this site so vibrant and relevant. One of the constant ironies we deal with are questionable claims that are themselves deceptive, flawed and poorly constructed.

Many of my fellow logicians here will dismiss or reject a claim upfront because it is not yet fully-developed, and they are correct in throwing it back to the claimant to improve upon. According to Aristotle's Analytics, one might even lose points by failing to identify upfront, dismiss, or even by attempting to answer a loaded or begged question. I would argue it is not initially "erroneous thinking" or an Argumentum ad ignorantiam if your question or claim is dismissed by a logician or fellow fallacyophite (see above). It might just mean it needs work. Likewise with the response as well. Not all responses are acceptable either and there is a section for responses that are as yet unanswered or unacceptable. If someone suggests you are wrong because they don't understand your question then we're getting into precarious territory. No one is wrong, even though their question or claim might be flawed. Clarity is essential to logic, and both sides are required to present their argument in the best form possible. Of course when you're dealing with newbies and curious visitors we should try to be as generous and welcoming as possible - with the exception of spurious fundamentalists who often feign sincerity as a disguise to proselytize their dubious belief systems. In which case, as with other conspiracy theorists, religionists and tin-foil hatters it is quite proper to confront, expose and correct them as soon as possible. As Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions." Ha!