Question: What fallacy is this? Dictators support attacks on journalists. Therefore if you attack one journalists opinion, you are pro-dictator.

I can see either false equivalence or non sequitur displayed in this conspicuous fallacy. But IMOP more important than the specific type of fallacy present is the intuitively obvious absence of REASON present.

A real-world illustration:

Joseph Goebbles was the Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda under Adolf Hitler. In short, he was responsible for dissemination of all state -supported news, opinion & propaganda under this dictatorship. Making the simplifying assumption he is
a proxy for all like-minded journalists within this Nazi regime, consistent with this fallacies' proposition, anyone DISAGREEING with Goebbles would be supporting this Nazi Dictatorship, which is absurd. QED, we have a glaring fallacy.