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Welcome! This is the place to ask the community of experts and other fallacyophites (I made up that word) if someone has a committed a fallacy or not. This is a great way to settle a dispute! This is also the home of the "Mastering Logical Fallacies" student support.

Dr. Bo's Criteria for Logical Fallacies:

  1. It must be an error in reasoning not a factual error.
  2. It must be commonly applied to an argument either in the form of the argument or in the interpretation of the argument.
  3. It must be deceptive in that it often fools the average adult.

Therefore, we will define a logical fallacy as a concept within argumentation that commonly leads to an error in reasoning due to the deceptive nature of its presentation. Logical fallacies can comprise fallacious arguments that contain one or more non-factual errors in their form or deceptive arguments that often lead to fallacious reasoning in their evaluation.

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Geoff zinkan

Eager Newbie

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Geoff zinkan

Eager Newbie

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Tue, Nov 20, 2018 - 10:56 PM

Is an ad hom only personal

I’m in a discussion where a tweet was posted making a claim. In the discussion I copied and pasted a counter argument from a fact check site. People immediately attacked the fact check site and not the counter argument that was presented. I called this an ad hom. They said it wasn’t because they weren’t criticizing my personal character. My response was to think of me as a nuetral observer, I wasn’t making the argument the fact check site was. Who is correct here?

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