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What is your view on immigration? (May 10, 2017)
Books for a humanist. (Apr 03, 2017)
How should humanist respond to a threatening, human-abusing God (Apr 01, 2017)
How should humanists interpret science - morality conflicts? (Feb 26, 2017)
How do humanists view nature vs nurture argument? (Nov 23, 2016)
Can We Be Rude To God? (Nov 16, 2016)
Do humanists hold the view that humans are inherently good? (Nov 11, 2016)
How should humanists adjust their beliefs if afterlife/reincarnation is found to exist? (Nov 11, 2016)
Will we still have freedom not to worship God in case he/she is found? (Nov 11, 2016)
How do humanists empathise? (Nov 10, 2016)
Explaining how science makes sense without God (Jun 04, 2016)
Have you ever encountered anyone who was openly hostile to you after finding out that you're an atheist or a humanist? (Jun 03, 2016)
How should a humanist respond when a proselytizer comes to your door? (May 28, 2016)
Why do so many former atheists come to a belief in God and the afterlife after a "near death experience"? (Mar 05, 2016)
What do Humanists think of top scientists who believe in God and even creationism? (Feb 19, 2016)
Would the world not be in a better state if everyone had and continued to follow the example of Jesus? (Feb 10, 2016)
What should a humanist do with a mystical vision? (Jan 25, 2016)
Why are humanists so intolerant and so easily offended? (Jan 12, 2016)
humanist education (Dec 22, 2015)
how does it feel like being a humanist (Nov 03, 2015)
Where can I find an unbiased worldview comparison? (Oct 14, 2015)
How do I demoralize war? (Aug 30, 2015)
How does a Humanist define the term "personhood"? (Aug 06, 2015)
What do you say to friends asking for prayers during a crisis? (Jul 17, 2015)
Do Humanists fear Hell? (Jul 08, 2015)
What is the humanist approach to incest? Is it immoral? (Jul 06, 2015)
Humanist Chaplain Curriculum, is there one? (Apr 03, 2015)
Are Humanists just agnostics in disguise? (Apr 02, 2015)
Christian Humanist? (Mar 18, 2015)
How due humanists conduct their marriage ceremonies? (Mar 15, 2015)
Do you see anything morally wrong with polyamory? Why or why not? (Mar 11, 2015)
How do humanists explain death to children? (Mar 07, 2015)
How good is separation of church and state in the United States today? (Mar 05, 2015)
What's the emotional payoff for an Evangelical's faith? (Mar 05, 2015)
If God appeared on earth, would humanists then believe he exists? (Mar 02, 2015)
As a late-blooming Atheist (50 yr. old) I have difficulty conversing with my grown-children, whom I . . . (Feb 28, 2015)
Professor with Agenda? (Feb 26, 2015)
Why have Humanist Leaders begun using the terms Humanist and Atheist interchangeably in the last few years? (Feb 25, 2015)
What does a humanist say when someone sneezes? (Feb 24, 2015)
Why do humanists/atheists still spell god with a capital G? (Feb 24, 2015)
Did Carl Sagan consider himself to be a humanist? (Feb 22, 2015)
Do humanists (who don't believe in an afterlife) visit grave sites of loved ones, and if so, why? (Feb 20, 2015)
How Do I Give Up Religion? (Feb 02, 2015)
What does a Humanist attribute to why the electrons that orbit around the nucleus of an atom don't fly apart? (Jan 28, 2015)
Should humanism be separated from religion? (Jan 28, 2015)
Can anyone offer advice on making a transition from a religious world view to a secular one? (Jan 27, 2015)
Is there something like a Humanist business network? (Jan 26, 2015)
Are there any children's books based on the Humanist perspective? (Jan 26, 2015)
Does "I believe there is no God" have the same meaning as "I do not believe there is a God"? (Jan 26, 2015)
What is right and wrong? (Jan 20, 2015)
Why is the term "sexual preference" so objectionable and offensive to many members of the gay community? (Jan 18, 2015)
Can my son be kicked out of the classroom for refusing to stand and say the pledge? (Jan 15, 2015)
How can one convince a Christian spouse that raising freethinking children is a good thing? (Jan 13, 2015)
Should we doubt evolution? (Jan 13, 2015)
Does sometimes praying to a "god" whom I'm 99% sure doesn't exist contradict my humanism or atheism? (Jan 12, 2015)
Who can atheists vote for to remain progressive? (Jan 12, 2015)
How do you deal with death without the promise of heaven? (Jan 08, 2015)
How do humanists find meaning without belief in a god? (Jan 08, 2015)
Are there republican humanists? (Jan 08, 2015)
How are humanists different from atheists? (Jan 08, 2015)
Can a humanist be spiritual and if so, how? (Jan 07, 2015)
How can you be good without God? (Jan 07, 2015)
What is the secular humanist Alcoholics Anonymous alternative? (Oct 06, 2014)
What is a humanist celebrant? (Oct 06, 2014)
What is the Humanist Society? (Oct 06, 2014)
You blame wars on religion, but what about Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin? (Oct 06, 2014)
So really, is humanism a religion or not? (Oct 06, 2014)
Do humans have the power to determine the fate of future generations? (Oct 06, 2014)
How do you positively handle standard theological questions? (Oct 06, 2014)
How can you be humanists when human history proves that our species is capable of monstrous acts? (Oct 06, 2014)
Is humanism taught in public schools? (Oct 06, 2014)
If humanism’s premises are relative to constant change, how does it any kind of continuity? (Oct 06, 2014)
What’s the difference between humanism and skepticism? (Oct 06, 2014)
What’s the difference between atheism/agnosticism/secularism and humanism? (Oct 06, 2014)
What's the difference between UU and humanism? (Oct 03, 2014)
Who are some humanists that I might have heard of? (Oct 03, 2014)
What is humanism? (Oct 03, 2014)


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