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Research for Writers

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By David Meade. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

Business owners and writers face a common set of problems – how to research, find and investigate topics that can be written about. The Web is a multi-dimensionary repository but it can require specialized tools to locate and develop this information. Public records, vital records, research portals, Freedom of Information documents, guides to investigative work and Internet resources for writers and journalists are scattered in a lot of locations – in fact I have found 157 specific ones! I’ve written a unique compendium which discusses each site by topic name, description and hyperlink. One reference tool alone can make the difference in success or failure in developing a book, an article or a web page. This is a Writer’s Intelligence Guide to Internet Resources. It is equally useful for journalists, reporters, copywriters and business owners.

Search engines are acquainted primarily with words. When creating a website, the normal procedure is to search for the best designer and then get a professional website with captivating colors and graphics, but watch out! Do most websites optimize website content? Obviously not, and this is the reason why many businesses fail to reach thousands of their customers. SEO copywriting helps your website rank high on search engines. You can phenomenally improve your web copy to achieve search engine optimization and one of the reasons I wrote this guide is that not only is it my specialty but I wanted to provide a resource for the community at large – a tool that can be downloaded to one’s desktop or laptop and be an invaluable assistant to creating and optimizing web content.

Brainstorming a book or a web page is the first step in the writing process. A significant amount of the content in my e-Book allows creative thinking to develop into specifics. Research For Writers covers:

--Search Engines, Databases & Online Information Collections
--A Guide to Web Sites for Researchers
--Computer-Assisted Research
--Directories, Manuals and Library Reference Materials
--A searchable, browsable collection of over 157 Web sites which are instrumental in research
--Copywriting Tools
--Academic Research Tools
--Archival Tools
--Library Search Engines
--Science and Psychology Search Engines
--Business Search Engines
--Niche Search Engines
--Reference Search Engines

Extremely important rules:

--Rule # 1: The single biggest mistake searchers make is using the wrong search tool!

--Rule # 2: Let other people do as much work for you as possible (use their metaguides and expertise to your advantage)!

--Rule # 3: Bookmark, constantly organize your bookmarks as though your life depended on it!

--Rule # 4: Use more than one search engine resource – use multiple resources!

--Rule # 5: I’ve included as a bonus a NSA Guide to the Internet – that’s right – a link to a PDF copy of a National Security Agency Guide which was only unclassified this year. It’s an invaluable reference tool and is Link # 111. It’s a sprawling document, clocking in at over 650 pages, and is the product of many years of research and updating by a NSA information specialist whose name is redacted on the official release.

Research For Writers is an important tool that can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop and used in the creative writing process.

The author originates from a town in the Midwest, is married with four children, and currently resides in a tropical locale.

The author is a specialist in research. He writes for a living, and has published a variety of books in the field of investigative journalism.

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