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Own a Piece of Paradise In the Florida Keys

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By David Meade and Anne Meade. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

The Keys real estate market has become a hot contender as one of the most valuable markets to invest in, particularly since the world's stock markets have started to become so volatile these days. All in all, if you have money and are looking to invest it in real estate, look no further than the Florida Keys. The time is right. The benefits of real estate are many, and one of the most highly valued areas for people to invest in real estate is in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys has gained a reputation as a solid and dependable market. Even during 2009 when a lot of markets saw their value drop, the Florida Keys remained strong and thus attracted a great deal of investors. It was the Florida Keys' solidity during this period of financial turmoil that brought it to the attention of investors who were desperate for a way to keep the cash flowing.

Hotels in the island chain have seen their revenue per available room returns steadily increase. For example, during the general economic downturn in 2009, the Keys proved their resilience by recording only a nominal decline in this rate at 6.3 percent whereas nationally the average reached a 17.4 percent decline. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) from around the country have recently closed deals in the $90 million to $184 million range for acquisition of prime Keys properties.

Now the purpose of this book is to introduce the individual investor to the Keys. I make note of REIT investment in the Keys only to illustrate a point—it's an extremely robust market. The key to investment is diversification. If you have capital to invest, and you need a primary home, a second market home to generate rental income, or if you're looking to establish an investment base, look no further than the Florida Keys! In the Keys you can buy everything from a one-bedroom condominium to your own spectacular private island, equipped with a state-of-the-art solar system for self-sufficient living. You can buy a town home, a duplex, a corporate retreat, a single family home or a luxury estate. Spend some time in the Keys and rent a houseboat, a vacation rental or a house while you're looking. The Florida Keys are very popular for Europeans, South Americans and Canadians seeking a real estate haven. You can purchase a residence for cash, or for 20-30% down and finance the balance.

The Florida Keys has great popularity as a tourist destination. It is the southernmost part of the United States, which means that it stays warm all year round! This gives it a universal, perennial appeal, as people can visit it during the winter months and enjoy the pleasant weather. The lack of a seasonality factor makes the Florida Keys a superior market to most other markets where tourism is the main source of profit.

The Keys are a 126-mile long chain of 1,700 islands. This year alone, almost three million people are expected to visit. If you're looking for stunning beauty, look no further. The Keys are the only subtropical part of the United States.

The Florida Keys has become an incredibly profitable real estate market. Increasing high demand for vacation rentals and home rentals has resulted in one of the most lucrative markets that one can possibly plan to invest in. Rental occupancy rates in the Keys are among the highest in the world. This book, written by a couple with expertise in real estate and business valuations, can show you how to own a piece of paradise!

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