Q. How can I contact the ALL PMO Team with questions not listed here?

A. Send an email to




Q. Its been 14 days and I still have not received my book? Who do I contact?

A. Please send an email to requesting the status or a tracking number for your books.

Please note that some countries have strict shipping and import regulations, which may delay arrival from within your country.

Please also check with your mailroom if books were shipped to a general address.



Q. Can I start the course before I receive my book?

A. Yes. Please start your course as soon as you have access to it with your provided ID and Password.

The books are supplemental and are provided for future reference. 

The books should arrive within 21 days of registration. Don't let this delay you from starting the course.


CERTIFICATION.  Verification

Q. How can an employer verify my Certification?

A. An employer can email to request the validity of a PMO Certified professional.

Please have them include your name, and Certification date. If you include a Certificate number that will also assist our administrators find your information.

We will gladly reply to the email request with the noted information.



Q. How can I get a new copy of my Course Completion Certificate?

A. Simply order a copy from the online store, under products and services.

When ordering, *Under the [additional shipping information text box] please let us know the date you completed the course and a certification number if you have it. This helps us to verify the records. We mail Certificates out on Friday of each week.



Q. How long is the PMO Certification good for?

A. Currently, the PMO Certification is active, current and valid for a term of four (4) years from the award date.



Q. Is the PMO Certification observed by PMI?

A. PMI is a separate entity and organization from The ALLPMO Network. PMI observes all Project Management training that adds value to the PM Community. Many Organizations, Institutions and Business' provide training material for Project Managers around the world. The PMO Certification was created, is recorded and is backed by The ALLPMO Network. Any PDU's that are awarded can be registered with PMI under Category-4 training.

If you enrolled or participated in a PMO Certification course through an ALL PMO Network Authorized Educational Provider; Please use the Provider's name when you register your training for PDU's. Many of these providers are REP's with PMI.


PDUs. Claiming PDUs

Q. How Do I claim PDUs

A. PMI has an updated PDU claim process, and you should refer to the PMI website for the most up-to-date instructions:

Here are general guidelines to assist you to claim PDUs for webinars or other training courses you have completed:

Login to the PMI website,

After logging in, a left-side menu will appear. Click on the link labeled "View PDUs"

On the right, click "Welcome to the Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS)"

On the left, click "Report professional development units (PDUs)"

Select PDU Category: Cat 4: Other Program Provider OR the (PMI-REP) that you enrolled the training through. The ALLPMO Network has PMI REP's that offer PMO Certification training. Thus, you would document that REP as the provider.  

Additional Claim Information:

Program/Title Description: Enter webinar title from letter of attendance email (or the name of the training course)

***If you are reporting a less than 1 hour webinar, and a second webinar, enter title1, & title 2 in the Program/Title Description. Keep both webinar registration emails and letter of attendance emails.

Date started/Date completed: Enter the letter of attendance date mm/dd/yyyy

Knowledge areas: PMO webinars are usually "Project Time Management" If you are registering PDU's for a course, enter Project Management or PMO depending on the subject of the course.

Industry: PMO generally applies to all industries and 'select all'. If you prefer to select one industry.

 For Webinar PDU's

  • Provider name: ALLPMO Network
  • Address: PO Box 2018
  • City: Fort Mill
  • State: South Carolina
  • ZIP/Postal Code:  29708
  • Country: United States
  • Email address:

For PDU claim, enter 1 PDU hour (the webinar time is shown when playing. If the webinar is less than 1 hour (minimum 55 minutes), attend another webinar and add the time to be at least 1 PDU hour)

The final screen will complete your PDU claim and notify you to expect an email confirmation. The email sender is PMI Customer Care []. It should arrive within a few minutes, and would be sent to the preferred email in your PMI profile.

Keep your webinar registration form and letter of attendance, in case PMI randomly audits your PDU claim. PMI requires (a) email registration form, (b) email letter of attendance, (c) explanation of materials covered and instructor qualifications, which are provided in your letter of attendance.


  • Provider name: the Authorized Educational Providers name
    • (Or use - ALLPMO Network)
  • IF using an Authorized Educational Provider - please use their address and contact information:
  • IF usining ALLPMO Network please use this info below:
  • Address: PO Box 2018
  • City: Fort Mill
  • State: South Carolina
  • ZIP/Postal Code:  29708
  • Country: United States
  • Email address:
  • Vendor Phone: 816-678-9902


PMI has the official process for registering PDU's on its website. The above information is provided as a guideline only. 

When registering your PDUs with PMI, be sure to select Category 4. When you do so, you will have to fill out the vendor information, as follows: 

IF you enrolled through an Authorized Education Provider; then you may wish to use their Name, Address. They may have a PMI REP#.

The ALL PMO Network does not have an REP#. 




Q. I am not a Certified PMO yet. Can I still become a member of this group?

A. Yes.

This website is for colaboration and benefitial information amoungst PMO's around the world, whether currently Certified or not.



Q. Can I see a list of all certified PMO's?

A. The simple answer is no. It is the current policy of the ALLPMO Network to keep personal information private. Therefore, The ALLPMO Network does not provide a public listing of current or expired PMO Certified members.

Employers may request verification of current PMO Certification by means of an email to requesting such information for an individual.




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