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The Structure of Each Entry

Main Findings

This is what the research findings suggest—usually a statement of fact.  Remember that main findings are based on a sample of the whole population.  Therefore, if a study finds that "white men can't jump," it should not be taken to mean that no white man can jump anywhere in the world.  This is where the details of the study help.  And for the record, I am a white man and I can jump well over 6 inches, so I take offense to this claim.

Video Introduction

I am working on my own video introductions for each experiment that last about five minutes each. The goal is for me to summarize the important points of the research in a non-scripted, casual, and hopefully entertaining way.


This is my summary of the research using cited facts from the research.  I write in a personal style that should make these entries fun to read without taking away from the seriousness of the findings and the scientific integrity.


Here I will describe the results of the research in as much detail as needed.


These are the problems with the research.  In general, this section is an amalgam of public criticism and my own personal beefs with the study and reasons why—if I have any.

Applied Ideas

This is perhaps the most useful section.  What good is research if actions don't result from the findings?  This is my personal advice as to how one can use the information in the research and apply it to life and/or business.

More Video

If there is a video on YouTube that helps to elucidate the research, I will include it.

Other Details

Some specifics on the research that will help those interested pursue more information.

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