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Argument by Pigheadedness

(also known as: argument by stubbornness, invincible ignorance fallacy)

Description: This is a refusal to accept a well-proven argument for one of many reasons related to stubbornness. It can also be the refusal to argue about a claim that one supports.

Logical Form:

Argument X is well-argued.

Person 1 has no objections to the argument, besides just refusing to accept the conclusion.

Therefore, argument X is not true.

Example #1:

Dad: You are failing math since you moved the Xbox to your room. You have been playing video games for at least 6 hours each day since. Before that, you consistently got A's and B's. Don't you think that the video games are the real problem here?

Blake: No.

Explanation: Blake is offering no counter argument or reasoning for rejecting his dad's well-articulated argument. He is simply being stubborn.

Example #2:

Cathy: I hate everything about Michelle Obama!

Jorge: Do you hate that she launched the national campaign, "Let's Move!," to reduce childhood obesity?
Cathy: Yes.
Jorge: Do you hate that she launched the national veterans' campaign, "Joining Forces," with Dr. Jill Biden?
Cathy: Yes.
Jorge: Do you hate that she traveled to Africa for a week to focus on youth leadership, education, health, and wellness?
Cathy: Yes.
Jorge: Do you hate that she launched the national campaign, "Reach Higher," a higher education initiative?
Cathy: Yes.
Jorge: Do you hate that she launched the national campaign, "Let Girls Learn," a global focus on girls' education?
Cathy: Yes.

Jorge: Do you hate her well-toned triceps and biceps?

Cathy: Yes, especially those!

Explanation: Unreasonable people tend to engage in black-and-white thinking and are committed to an ideological position at any expense—including reason. Cathy is one of those people.

Tip: As a reminder, avoid absolutes. Instead of saying that you "hate everything" about someone, say something such as, "there's not much I like about..."


This a logical fallacy frequently used on the Internet. No academic sources could be found.

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