EVENT & NEWS: Global Tea Initiative 4th Annual Colloquium on Body, Mind, Spirit: Issues Surrounding Tea and Health set for 24 Jan 2019

California, USA - UC Davis - Having completed its first three years of infrastructure building with seed funds from the offices of the Provost, Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, and Dean of College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, the Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science (GTI) is now transitioning to become the Global Tea Institute for the Study of Tea Culture and Science, the world’s first and only comprehensive research institute to study tea in all its dimensions, in any discipline, and using any approach. 

GTI’s mission is to promote the understanding of tea through evidence-based knowledge with a global perspective. GTI promotes research on tea from anywhere in the world, and in any discipline, using any methodology.

By asking new questions about tea, they are finding out new knowledge about tea. They are extending the boundaries of knowledge, and sharing it with their students and the world. Moreover, through interdisciplinary and collaborative work, they are starting to ask new types of questions for new types of new knowledge. To be sure, Camellia sinensis is the primary focus, but as many things are consumed as “tea,” they recognize that all merit study. 

Goals and events

Their goals are many. They include fostering knowledge about tea through colloquia and symposia, lectures, and workshops that address the needs of the campus, tea industry and the general public.

GTI’s upcoming event is the 4th Annual Colloquium on Body, Mind, Spirit: Issues Surrounding Tea and Health, set for January 24, 2019.  (For details, see https://globaltea.ucdavis.edu/events.)

GTI is developing collaborations and partnerships with scholars and research institutes nationally and internationally. With its broad mandate for research and teaching across the disciplines and from a global perspective, GTI is working collegially and flexibly with others, and with an inclusionary attitude.


For more information about the GTI including key personnel, contacts, partnership opportunities and more, please visit https://globaltea.ucdavis.edu


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