NEWS: The First World Forum on High Mountain Green Tea was Held in Mount Emei to Discuss the Future of Chinese Green Tea

"Green tea is the best healthy drink discovered by humans as many of its effects on human body have been proven by science and accepted by the world", stated Xiaobo Chongyang, a World Green Tea Association fellow. Sponsored by People's Government of Emeishan City and co-organized by Sichuan Emei-Shan Zhuyeqing Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and Emei Association of High Mountain Green Tea Research, the 1st World Forum on High Mountain Green Tea & the Mount Emei High Mountain Spring Tea Festival was held in Mount Emei oMarch 3, 2019. The event is themed with "China, Home to the Best Tea Worldwide; Mount Emei, Home to the Best Tea in China."

On the day, Mr. Sun Tingpeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Emeishan Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Emeishan Municipal People's Government, delivered a speech. Mr. Chen Zongmao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and renowned tea expert; Mr. Kobaku Jyuuyou, a World Green Tea Association fellow & famous Japanese tea expert; Mr. Wang Qing, President of China Tea Marketing Association; Mr. Liu Zhonghua, Professor of Hunan Agricultural University; Mr. Cai Jun, Secretary General of China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce; Mr. Dong Keping, a famous food critic; Mr. Wang Yuefei, Director of Tea Research Institute of Zhejiang University; Mr. Dou Wentao, a well-known media professional; Mr. Mao Xiaoke, Senior Manager and Producer of Discovery Channel; Mr. Xie Jianping, Vice Mayor of Emeishan Municipal People's Government; Mr. Tang Xianhong, Chairman of Sichuan Emei-Shan Zhuyeqing Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and more than 80 media gathered to exchange ideas regarding the reason for the leading role of Zhuyeqing Emei High Mountain Green Tea in high-end green tea market and discuss the future development trend of Chinese high mountain green tea.

Superior Emei Mountain Tea & Outstanding Zhuyeqing Tea

Historical records give some clue as to where green tea originated. Among numerous historical references regarding tea, a local chronicle of the Eastern Jin Dynasty named Huayang Guozhi Shuzhi records, "there were salt wells in the Han Dynasty. Both Nan'an and Wuyang produce tea." After, changes to the divisions, Nan'an in the Han Dynasty is now modern Mount Emei. Among the production methods of all six major teas, the processing technique of green tea is more in line with the production level at that time. It can be seen that Mount Emei produced green tea in the Western Han Dynasty or even earlier and, with its long history and influence, it is known as one of the birthplaces of green tea.

It is this reason that brought Discovery Channel to Mount Emei. According to Mr. Mao Xiaoke, the channel hopes to reproduce the origin of tea in this documentary. "We learned from early research that Mount Emei is one of the birthplaces of green tea and a starting point for world tea culture". The reason for choosing to work with Zhuyeqing is the brand's unique craftsmanship and excellent quality.

As the main producing area of Sichuan tea, Emei High Mountain Green Tea in Emeishan City has been sold to 26 provinces and cities nationwide such as Beijing and Shanghai, and exported to international markets including Southeast Asia and Africa. Mr. Kobaku Jyuuyou affirmed this achievement. In addition, he mainly talked about the Sichuan tea company Zhuyeqing, "Zhuyeqing is widely recognized all over the world and is loved by numerous royal families and diplomatic ambassadors. It is a representative Chinese gift and a well-known brand in Japan". He said that with increases in global consumption, Zhuyeqing will definitely take the lead in the rise of China high mountain green tea worldwide in the future.

Sichuan business representatives stand out in the global market, setting benchmarks and leading the rise of high mountain green tea

Regarding the value of Emei High Mountain Green Tea, Professor Wang Yuefei pointed out that "high mountain tea's theanine is especially good for young people as it can improve their memory, sleep, dopamine secretion, and 'makes people feel they are in love'". Mr. Liu Zhonghua stated, "With ecological environment and processing technique, the brand has created four major advantages: beautiful shape, green color, best fragrance and refreshing taste." Zhuyeqing Emei High Mountain Green Tea comes from the core tea area of Mount Emei in areas as high as 600 to 1500 meters. The unique and favorable geographical environment give it a quality all its own and advanced processing techniques are a guarantee of high-end quality. Mr. Dou Wentao also agreed, "As spring comes early in Mount Emei, the high mountain green tea produced from this area is especially fresh! The status and historical reputation of Emei High Mountain Green Tea is widely recognized, and there is always a fair public opinion."

According to the forecast of Development Research Center of the State Council, the population of middle-income group worldwide will see a sharp increase to 4.8 billion people in 2030. With the growth of the middle-income group, global consumption will further increase, and a high-quality healthy diet will gradually become a trend. Green tea, especially high mountain green tea, is the number one of the six healthy drinks recommended by World Health Organization and is becoming increasingly popular. Mr. Wang Qing said, "Consumers have paid more attention to product quality in the past two years, and consumers' brand awareness has continued to increase. Zhuyeqing Tea is the 'Huawei' of the Tea Industry."

Three advantages give it a leading position, and they join hands with academicians to support Chinese tea through scientific research

"Sichuan is the birthplace of tea. The tea culture is very rich and there are many good teas." Mr. Dong Keping also highly praised Zhuyeqing Tea. He believes that both the achievements and quality of Zhuyeqing Tea are the result of the integration of the historical accumulation of Emei Mountain Tea and modern science and technology. "Using science to produce good tea, it has spent a decade as a high-end green tea sales champion, and the time dimension of this decade also proves that its efforts can be trusted," Dong Keping said.

According to Mr. Tang Xianhong, Zhuyeqing Tea not only leads in quality, but also has the three major advantages of "early listing, high nutrition, and sufficient output". Because Zhuyeqing Tea is the first batch of Spring Tea listed in China, about 30 days before Qingming Festival, it has already listed on February 28, 2019. "When it comes to high mountain green tea, we adhere to the three standards of high-end green tea: growing in mountains, picking and processing before Qingming Festival and tea buds." At the same time, as a research expert on tea and human health, he also further affirmed the core value of Zhuyeqing Tea, "Compared with flat green tea, high mountain green tea has more high-end genes. It has a high altitude, and the proportion of amino acids and tea polyphenols is moderate. The impact of mountain green tea on the quality and health of tea has been highly affirmed."

For this, Mr. Tang Xianhong said that Zhuyeqing Tea has won the recognition of many domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and celebrities. This is due to the fact that they have adhered to the three major standards of "growing in mountains, picking and processing before Qingming Festival and tea buds" for 20 years, and have achieved high-end green tea sales for 10 consecutive years through continuous focus on quality and brand construction. He pointed out that Emei High Mountain Green Tea will play a core advantage in the future.

In order to boost the rapid development of the Chinese tea industry and make tea a national drink leading the health trend, Zhuyeqing joined forces with academician Chen Zongmao to establish the "Chen Zongmao - Zhuyeqing" Chinese Tea Foundation at the meeting. Academician Chen Zongmao said, "I think it was a very wise decision for Zhuyeqing to set up a tea fund to study the health effects of High Mountain Green Tea."

It is well known that tea is one of the four major luxury products "liquor, ceramics, silk and tea" in the ancient world. Today, Chinese green tea plays an important role in the global tea market. The high-end quality of high mountain green tea will lead Chinese green tea to a new level in the future. In the end, Mr. Tang Xianhong said that as the leader of the tea companies in Emeishan City, Zhuyeqing will actively cooperate with the government's tea industry development and lead Emei High Mountain Green Tea to become the hope of Sichuan tea, so that China's high-end green tea can rise strongly in the global tea market.

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