NEWS: New Company Debuts World's First of Its Kind Avocado Leaf Tea

Avocado Leaf Tea LLC, creator of Patent-Pending Avocado Leaf Tea is debuting this week to health-conscious consumers and tea drinkers across the globe. The Award Winning Tea will be featured in the Winners Tasting Circle at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada June 11 – 13 2019. "We could not be more honored to win with our first entry into the Global Tea Championship," says Co-Owner Sharon Colona.

The company will launch with five offerings. Natural Avocado Leaf, as well as flavored blends of Chamomile Peach Lemon and Black Tea each blended with Avocado Leaf. All are 100% natural and the flavored blends are organically compliant.

Avocado Leaf Tea describes the product precisely, Tea that is made from the leaf of an Avocado Tree. The leaves are hand-picked exclusively in Temecula, California. Like the Avocado fruit, the leaf has recently been discovered to be one of the healthiest leaves in nature. "Our revolutionary new tea process advances the ancient Aztec & Mayan uses that date back to the 13th century of boiling whole avocado leaves to extract their natural health benefits." The pharmaceutical properties of the leaf have recently been studied around the world for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and anti-ulcer benefits just to name a few. For links to these studies visit

The founders of Avocado Leaf Tea LLC, husband and wife team, Scott Wibbenmeyer & Sharon Colona, describe the natural flavor as "earthy and rustic with a smooth finish, and the aroma resembles the bouquet of the grove itself, truly intoxicating. It has a beautiful flavor and we love knowing the natural benefits the leaves bring."

The company's products have already received outstanding reviews and the free samples quickly went viral. "Originally we thought our website had been hacked because we hadn't started our marketing efforts yet," said Sharon "We were getting hundreds of requests per hour from all around the world. SingaporeMaltaEnglandLaosIndiaBhutan and more. We can't wait for the world to taste our tea."

Avocado Leaf Tea is available for sale on their website Each of the canisters will contain 15 pyramid style tea bags that can be used twice. They recommend 212-degree water with a 3-minute steep for premium flavor. All flavors are naturally decaffeinated except the Black Tea Blend and all are gluten-free and sugar-free.

About Avocado Leaf Tea, LLC

Avocado Leaf Tea LLC is proud to introduce this groundbreaking tea to the market. This alternative concept will quickly be recognized as a game changer in the tea industry. For additional information about the properties of the tea and the full story behind its inception please visit

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