NEWS: Life Extension's New Green T-Max Maximizes The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Life Extension® released a revolutionary new Green T-Max supplement that captures all the goodness of green tea through timely processing and a patented, environmentally friendly extraction process to pack eight health-promoting catechins (nutrients that inhibit free radicals and inflammation) into every single vegetarian capsule.

Green tea is rich in an assortment of healthful plant compounds known as catechins. The scientists at Life Extension use an innovative green tea extract made within six hours of being harvested to preserve a broad-spectrum of these compounds. Because this method is so effective the extract is standardized to eight unique green tea catechins. They are then encased in a liposome to ensure their freshness and stability.

This extraction process also renders the catechin compounds 12 times more bioavailable than those found in standard green tea extract. Life Extension's new Green T-Max promotes heart health, metabolism and healthy cell proliferation. It also helps maintain already healthy blood pressure levels.

"The health benefits of green tea are well established. But given the limitations with the number of cups of tea we would have to drink or the number of capsules we need to take in order to maximize its benefits, we are excited to launch a new, amped up extract that provides all eight catechins in one capsule," said Dr. Michael Smith, Life Extension Education Director. "It's the most effective green tea for your health."

Green tea extracts, such as the one found in Green T-Max, make it far easier to increase regular dietary health benefits.

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About Life Extension®
Life Extension is the health solutions expert that is translating scientific research into everyday insights for people wanting to live their healthiest lives. For more than 35 years, Life Extension has pursued innovative advances in health, conducting rigorous clinical trials and setting some of the most demanding standards in the industry to offer a full range of quality nutritional vitamins and supplements and blood-testing services. Life Extension's Wellness Specialists provide personalized counsel to help customers choose the right products for optimal health, nutrition and personal care. To learn more, visit

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