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NEWS: Proprietor of Darjeeling Tea Leaves Announces New Darjeeling Tea Workshops Initiative

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posted Friday Mar 02, 2018 12:00 PM

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School of Tea Journeys @Darjeeling is a new initiative which is aimed at organizing training courses and workshops relating to Tea in Darjeeling.


Darjeeling is a global brand name in tea production. People who visit Darjeeling to see and experience tea often find that although they can visit the tea plantations and the factories there are no places in Darjeeling which offer them tea education or tea culture. The goal of the new program is to promote Darjeeling as a centre for tea culture, tea knowledge and a centre of excellence where tea enthusiasts, connoisseurs and tea masters can come and learn, share and experience rich tea cultures from all over the world.

Raju Lama is the proprietor of Darjeeling Tea Leaves; a Darjeeling based Tea Company since 2010. His clientele base is across the world. He has been shipping teas to many valued customers; and he sources his teas from some of the best tea gardens of Darjeeling. He has volunteered with several social and development organizations like the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Slow food movement (Italy) and local social organizations for awareness and conservation of wildlife and the environment, food security and traditional knowledge on food, community development in the past.


Being a local shareholder with respect to Darjeeling tea, his interests are genuine. He intends to look at a future where an established and a recognized tea education workshop/school in Darjeeling can be held annually. Due to his nature of work, he has been associated with many tea connoisseurs who visited Darjeeling to see and understand tea production, visit tea gardens and also procure teas. Many felt that the visit to the tea gardens and factories did help them understand Darjeeling tea to some extent but they would have learnt more if there was a centre of learning in Darjeeling concerning tea and tea culture. Taking this opportunity in Tea education he has been very passionate about doing his small bit in establishing Darjeeling as a centre of learning for tea.

Presently he has been working with some world class tea gurus to introduce tea workshops and tea educational activities in Darjeeling which will be first of its kind. Sharing of tea knowledge and experiences with people from different cultures and countries would indeed be a fascinating experience for anyone looking beyond just tea production.

His other interest is with organic practice which he believes is the best way forward for the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Since most of the teas are exported, organic practices in agriculture makes it a win-win situation for the producers and the consumers alike. The flora and fauna of the tea gardens are important to the landscape of the eastern Himalayas and they need to be conserved for the next generation.

A healthy soil, pure water, clean air, is essential for all the wildlife and humans who depend on tea for their livelihood.

Involved in the education project is Carine Baudry, a flavorist graduate of ISIPCA, a famous French school of perfume. She is an expert- taster who has specialized in tea for more than 15 years. She worked as a tea expert for a famous French tea company and was leading all the tea trainings.  Carine is now an executive director and co-founder of the company La Quint Essence.

She works with many famous French chefs around tea pairing with foods.  She often travels to many the tea producing countries to meet people and understand more about this product. “These travels over the years have helped her to further improve upon her skill and knowledge on Tea."  After years of experience in tasting tea, she has developed a “Tea Tasting Kit” which helps to strengthen and train one’s palate for tasting tea. This kit encompasses the method of the olfactory approach at the heart of the training and establishes sensory dialectics of the teas. 


La QuintEssence du Thé : Coffret sensoriel d’aide à la dégustation du Thé

http://www. les-essentiels

La Cuisine au Thé, co-écrit avec le chef étoilé Sylvain Sendra, Edition Agnès Vienot

http://www.etonnants- article7024

L’Instant Cru, Marie Sophie L., pairing thé et mets 


Methods of Learning are : Visit to tea plantations and tea factories witness tea production, Introduction to tea bushes and cultivars at the field, meeting and exchanging notes and ideas with tea Plantation managers and producers, audio visual presentations and hands on activities on tea brewing, tea/food paring, tea/Alcohol paring, group work etc.

For who, what kind of clients:

Indian clients /European clients/ British/ Germans/French

Korean/ Japanese/Taiwanese/Australians/ Americans/Canadians/Scandinavians

And other in second stage (advanced course)

Tea connoisseurs, Tea professionals, Tea business entrepreneurs,


Email to Raju – Phone: +91 8250248008, +91 9832441993

Email to Carine – Phone: 00 6 87 43 37 70


4 times Annually: April, June & September, October/November





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