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NEWS: Gourmia Enables College Students to Eat Healthy and Stay on Budget

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posted Monday Jul 30, 2018 06:00 PM

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Gourmia™, a designer and manufacturer of innovative kitchen countertop appliances, is set to ease the worries of many parents of college-age young adults, who will soon be going away to school.

"Lots of parents – including myself – worry about their college-bound sons and daughters eating well and eating healthy while they are away from home attending school," commented Heshy Biegeleisen, Gourmia founder. "Gourmia has based its very existence on designing and engineering cooking tools for a healthy lifestyle. We know college students are often rushed, going in six different directions, and don't want to take the time to eat healthy, let alone prepare such a meal. So, we've made their life easier and their parents' life less worrisome. Gourmia helps students eat better, fresher, and healthier without spending hours in the kitchen prepping, cooking, and then cleaning up. And they don't need to be a Phi Beta Kappa member to use one."

Three such Gourmia products include a 2.2-quart Digital Air Fryer that provides 100% oil- and fat-free eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night munchies; a Cold Brew Coffee Maker that delivers intense, delicious cold-brew flavor in a matter of minutes; and a multispeed Handheld Blender and Smoothie Maker that makes fruit drinks and shakes. Each is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the budget; and features a space-saving, compact design.

Digital Air Fryer (GAF365)

Healthy cooking options are hard to come by, especially for a young person living away from home. It's no secret that one of the leading causes of extra calories and unwanted fat is the use of oil in cooking. The Gourmia Digital Air Fryer features rapid air-circulation technology that circulates hot air with speed and precision for a no oil, fat-free cooking experience. It requires absolutely no fatty oils or grease to prepare goodies such as French fries, chicken fingers, fried chicken, onion rings, and more. It also bakes, grills, roasts, and broils. Additional features include: compact 2.2 quarts, adjustable 30-minute timer, 400°F cooking temperature, removable basket, and bonus cookbook.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker (GCM6850)

Delicious cold-brew coffee in as little as 4 minutes – without having to get dressed, leave the building, or spend hard earned cash at the café every morning. What more could a college student ask for? This Gourmia Cold Brew Coffee Maker delivers a stronger, smoother iced beverage, but without a days-long waiting process. The same bold, refreshing flavor in a fraction of the time. Features four brewing-strength timers: light, medium, bold, or concentrate. Exclusive chill cycle circulates coffee over an ice basket so it can be enjoyed icy cold and undiluted. Simple automatic operation, this innovative machine churns out rich, dense, caffeinated coffee for fast in-room enjoyment. The sweetest, smoothest, chillest brew possible.

Handheld Blender and Smoothie Maker (GBJ190)

Smoothies in a bottle! The truly innovative Gourmia Handheld Blender and Smoothie Maker eliminates any and all extra utensils. The included sports bottle screws directly onto the blender for an instant smoothie ready to drink. Not only does it make smoothies and shakes, it also blends soups and sauces, and purees in a flash. Its sleek, compact design makes it easy to take home on breaks and vacations and assures there is no mess and clean up involved as with big, countertop blenders. Features five speeds plus turbo mode, stainless-steel construction, BPA-free sports cup with lid, and step-by-step instructional manual.  

Gourmia offers many other compact, affordable kitchen appliances that are perfect for college living. Visit for details.


These products are available now at, and other popular online sites as well as retail locations across the country.

ETL Listed

Gourmia is ETL certified so retailers and users alike can be confident that they are selling/buying safe, efficient, high-quality appliances.

About Gourmia

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Gourmia is passionate about cooking and the tools for the healthy lifestyle. With decades of small appliance expertise, Gourmia's founders know that cooks are looking for dependable, easy-to-use tools that will make their lives easier. From sous vide immersion cookers to multi-purpose cookers and juicers, the team at Gourmia has taken input from chefs and consumers to make their products the best in their category. All of the company's products are designed to deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value. For additional information, visit


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