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NEWS: The 3rd China International Tea Expo to Start in May 2019

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posted Sunday Apr 28, 2019 05:15 PM

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The 3rd China International Tea Expo - one of the largest Tea Expoever presented to the world - starts on May 15th and ends on May 19, 2019. This is the third year that Shenzhen HJC Industrial Group organized the International Tea Fair, which is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province (China).

Chinese exhibitors in this exhibition will come from all the 22 major tea producing provinces, whose participation was supported by the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureaus of each province as well as the Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. The types of tea showcased at this event include green tea, black tea, white tea, Pu-erh tea, dark tea, Oolong tea, yellow tea, and flower tea. This exhibition will bring together exhibitors from more than 120 brands of tea.

The international hall is expected to attract exhibitors from more than ten countries and regions including Hong KongMacaoTaiwanNew ZealandJapanSouth KoreaMalaysiaSri Lanka and Laos. Representatives from several famous brands - including Zealong, Shellstone, and Lions - will also take part in this event. The presence of foreign tea products and tea sets will widen the scope and the importance of this exhibition.

A focus on buyers' diversified needs

This tea fair will attract more than 150,000 tea dealers and consumers from all levels to visit and purchase, including tea houses, tobacco and tea shops, clubhouses, hotels and other players in mid-to-high-end markets. Other participants work for supermarkets, e-commerce stores, new tea companies, cross-border enterprises, and as distribution agents from professional markets and major tea markets. These buyers will come in contact with tea farmers to meet the tea purchase demand with more choices and better prices. Their multi-dimensional needs will also bring great economic benefits and publicity to exhibitors.

New services and opportunities for discussion

Besides the business opportunities created by this exhibition, conferences and forums related to tea and coffee will also be held in the same location. Conferences and events include Meeting of China-CEEC Ministers of Agriculture and the China-CEEC Agro-Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum, Dialogue on Tea by the West Lake-The Third China Summit Forum on International Tea Industry, The 3rd International Tea and Coffee Dialogue, The 3rd Forum on Contemporary Chinese Tea Culture, The 2nd International Seminar of Tea Institute Directors, The 2nd Conference on Tourism Development in Tea Growing Regions, The Tea Industry T20 Summit, China Tea Industry Alliance Council, The 2nd International Seminar of Tea Institute Directors, and many more. They will allow participants in these events to share their thoughts on the future of the tea industry. The topics discussed in these forums will range from brand awareness and market development to the expansion of the tea culture. All parties involved in the exhibition can transfer and gather new knowledge for a faster development of their business and personal competences. Through this melting pot of cultures and ideas, it will be possible to promote the development of the Chinese and international tea industry. Moreover, over 80 mass media and new media will report on the event.

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