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NEWS: Explore Taiwan’s Tea Villages Through Formosa Summer Festival Homes of Ruisui Honey Black Tea & Shizhao Zhulu Tea

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posted Sunday Mar 10, 2019 06:30 PM

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A year’s plan starts with Spring! The Taiwan Tourism Bureau Los Angeles Office and the leading travel agencies in southern California collaborate to offer creative themed tours of Taiwan’s tea villages during midsummer, incorporating the two highlighted events of the year: The “Taiwan Small Town Ramble” and the “Formosa Summer Festival”.

“While most of the deserts in the world align with the Tropic of Cancer, the unique geography and mountainous island terrain of Taiwan lead to diverse natural landscapes, making this beautiful island the green gem on the Tropic of Cancer. To showcase the wonders of the earth and Taiwanese local characteristics to international tourists, the Bureau selected the time when the sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Cancer to kick off the Formosa Summer Festival. A series of summer exclusive tours combing the rich tourism resources will be launched in different parts of Taiwan from June to September every year; they can be categorized into five major themes: sports, food, summer solstice 235, sand sculpture, and railroad travel,” says Mr. Brad Shih, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Los Angeles office.

Being a tea aficionado himself, Mr. Brad Shih says, “I was raised in my home town, Hualien county, which is literally the secret garden of Taiwan. The signature Honey Black Tea from the Ruisui Wuhe Tea Plantation located in the East Rift Valley has a special honey aroma attributed to the works of little Tea Green Leafhoppers; with its gentle and natural honey fragrance, this homegrown black tea has received multiple gold medals at the World Tea Award. Visitors can have a full experience of tea picking + making + tasting and to check out the Tropic of Cancer Marker Park. The Northern Tropic runs straight through Alishan’s Shizhao and provides an ideal climate for its local Zhulu (Dew) Tea aka High-Mountain Oolong. It is internationally acclaimed for its subtle aroma and smooth aftertaste. These tea villages are a must-visit for tea lovers. Don’t miss out on quaint romantic strolls through the Meng Zong Bamboo Walking Trail, the primeval forest walk, and the gourmet tea cuisine.”

The 368 townships in Taiwan each boasts its own character. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau Los Angeles office joins efforts with Allstate Travel, America Asia Travel Center, Hana Tour USA, Heyshoo, SITA World Tours, Sonic Travel & Tour, Super Value Tours, XO Tours and others to launch a variety of quality themed tours. The Bureau invites you to spend your summer vacations in Taiwan’s charming small towns and experience the authentic beauty of the island.

Start planning for your midsummer trip to Formosa and make 2019 the best summer memory of your life. Please join our Facebook fan page at for more information about Taiwan tourism.

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