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NEWS: SerendipiTea Celebrates 25 YEARS and Counting!

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posted Tuesday Jul 14, 2020 10:15 PM

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Award-Winning SerendipiTea is celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary! The NY-based specialty tea operation was established in 1995 by Tomislav Podreka and Linda Villano in a 5th floor walk-up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. By 1997 they had outgrown the apartment and moved to Southwestern Connecticut for more space. Only three years later the delivery load made a return to New York necessary and they moved into a storefront/warehouse in Long Island City. By 2007 that space had been expanded and was soon no longer able to contain the business. SerendipiTea settled into a new home in Manhasset and has since expanded into the entire building which accommodates their administrative, production and warehouse facilities (certified Organic by QAI and certified Kosher by Star K) as well as a retail space/showroom.
Founded on a set of green principles that have guided the company for over two decades, SerendipiTea remains dedicated to the import, hand-crafting and promotion of premium quality teas and botanicals and is deeply committed to environmentally and socially responsible practices, certified organic product, recycled, sustainable and biodegradable packaging, as well as to educating the trade and public in an effort to raise respect and awareness of tea to levels enjoyed around the world. 
SerendipiTea is known for its vast assortment of Specialty Teas and Tisanes, options include certified organic, direct trade, single estates, traditional blends and unique recipes. SerendipiTea’s loose leaf and single serve t-sachets (tea bags) are available in retail and wholesale formats, food service, bulk and private labeling. All recipes are dreamed up on location and blending and packing is done by-hand in small batches on site at their NY facility.
In addition to its website presence for retail customers, SerendipiTea is served nationally
at the finest restaurants, cafes and tea houses and can be found in such celebrated foodie meccas as Le Bernardin, Melisse, CIA (The Culinary Institute of America), Fresh Direct, Surfas Restaurant and Supply, Zabar’s and even The Tokyo Station Hotel in Japan.                          
The facets of SerendipiTea are:
The Cup
Tea, philosophy,
the art of reflection or thinking
The Pen
Arts and education,
the pursuit of knowledge and aesthetics
The Hand
Charity and hope,
support of non-profit organizations and their noble efforts
Accidental sagacity; the faculty of making fortunate discoveries of things you were not seeking
The term is derived from Serendib, an old name for the island of Sri Lanka. Coined by English writer Horace Walpole in 1754, the term refers to the heroes of a fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, who wandered freely and were forever “making discoveries by accidents and sagacity of things they were not in quest of.”

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