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NEWS: AKEBONO TEA Releases The First Ever Organic Tea Brand Specializing In Japanese Green Tea

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posted Sunday Feb 24, 2019 06:30 PM

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AKEBONO TEA K.K. announced that AKEBONO TEA is going to release their line of organic teas which infuses herbs into traditional Japanese tea on February 28, 2019 and start shipping worldwide.

Based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and headed by CEO, Misato Tanaka, AKEBONO TEA uses Tokyo, the origin point as the inspiration by blending together the old and the new. At AKEBONO TEA, their goal is to develop a new type of unique Japanese tea by creating arrangements mixing traditional tea and herbs. AKEBONO TEA was made with the vision of mixing together tradition and contemporary aspects which can be found in the city of Tokyo, along with the brand’s wishes to help aid its customers to take the best parts of their past selves to create a new, better version of themselves to thrive in their everyday lives.

Traditionally, Japanese teas such as sencha and hojicha can be brewed and enjoyed alone; however, AKEBONO TEA takes it a step further by mixing in herbs to make its own set of 8 flavorful herbal teas. Herbs such as lemongrass, green rooibos, mint, and florals can be found in their herbal blends which help create aromatic fragrances and rejuvenating factors to complement the Japanese teas.

In order to enjoy AKEBONO TEA there are 5 main points that are special to their brand:

AKEBONO TEA holds pride to the fact that they are the first organic tea brand to create teas which can be enjoyed not only for the taste of traditional Japanese tea but the taste of teas found outside of Japan. They offer blends of sencha, and hojicha as well as herbal blends which mix in herbs to create rich aromatic fragrance that complements the Japanese tea bases to create refreshing tastes with health benefits in mind.

All the blends are certified organic by JAS - it means that their tea can be enjoyed with the peace of mind knowing that there were no pesticides of chemical fertilizers used in the process of cultivating their organic tea. The tea leaves used by AKEBONO TEA are carefully handpicked and processed in Shizuoka at a tea farm which is based at the bottom of Mount Fuji, so that they grow by taking in all the nourishment fed in by nature surrounding the farm.

Along with promoting the use of organic tea leaves, AKEBONO TEA encourages sustainable relationships between customers, producers, production sites, and nature as they purchase our tea leaves directly from tea farms.

Both their classic and herbal blends can be brewed and enjoyed easily so there is no need to worry about if the pot that you have will suit the tea. AKEBONO TEA comes packaged as loose leaves and can be best enjoyed when brewed with hot water for two minutes.

With the health of happy customers in mind, AKEBONO TEA designed labels which easily indicates the caffeine levels of each blend so that those who are conscious of daily caffeine intake such as pregnant mothers and children can rely on their teas to relax in confidence.

AKEBONO TEA is not just an organic tea brand but also a symbol of challenging and cherishing the life that you live. We hope that our teas can aid individuals to create a positive life in which they thrive, and we hope to continue to support those who choose to work hard in various aspects of their lives.

To find out more about their origins and view all 8 of their original blends visit the AKEBONO TEA website.

For product imagery, download from here.


AKEBONO TEA founded by Misato Tanaka is an organic tea brand with the mission to spread the joys of Japanese tea in the hopes of bettering the lives of customers from the inside to the outside. They hold value in respecting traditional Japanese green tea which have been long held in Japanese culture as well as bringing in new aspects to revolutionize it in order to make it more accessible and enjoyable by people around the world.

The brand logo is a motif of three tea leaves in a tortoiseshell pattern. The tea leaves symbolizes the taste of luxury and flavourful ness of the tea, made at AKEBONO, and is based on the traditional Japanese phrase "one core two leaves" which represents the Japanese green tea sprout at its best. As a brand their mission is to create teas full of nourishment and rejuvenating factors so that their customers are able to live a better and healthier lives by enjoying AKEBONO TEA to thrive on the inside and outside.

CEO Profile

Misato Tanaka, Founder and CEO graduated from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. During her time in university, she also studied abroad at Sciences Po Paris (France) and Bocconi University (Italy) to learn luxury brand management. After graduating she joined Softbank Corporation as a new graduate to cultivate entrepreneurship, and sales experience. Thereafter, she began to develop a new business as a start-up of tea export in order to launch "AKEBONO TEA". Green tea had been a constant part of her life due to having relatives who lived in Shizuoka, a place well known for their quality green tea. Having this background, she wanted to find a way to share the joys and benefits of green tea as she had experienced. Since starting she has made Japanese tea and traditional crafts her main focus, while valuing the essence, to create products that are timeless yet revolutionary and suitable for the ever-changing market.

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