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NEWS: Scents of Tea at the "Crossroads of the World": Chinese Tea Brand Makes Debut at NYC Times Square

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posted Sunday Mar 25, 2018 05:30 PM

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With a promo clip of Sichuan Tea played on an advertising screen tenanted by Xinhua Screen Media Co., Ltd. at NYC Times Square, the province in southwest China once again catches the eye of the world. It is the first time that a Chinese tea brand is brought to the spotlight at Times Square. Reputed for its picturesque landscape that features magnificent mountains and abundant waters, Sichuan is home to a wide variety of tea. Tianfu Bestea in the clip, a super-regional brand that highlights Yibin tea, Mengding tea, Emeishan tea and Micangshan tea, has struck a craving chord in the hearts of New Yorkers and tourists.

Chinese Tea, along with silk and porcelain, has been treasured as one of China's time-honored calling cards in its exchanges with the world. Within just a few minutes, the promo clip portrays the journey Chinese tea industry has traveled so far and where it stands today. Fusing adorable pandas, deeply-rooted tea culture, majestic mountains and fascinating waters, the clip helps Tianfu Bestea charm its way across hundreds of thousands of miles.

The super-regional tea brand, launched by Sichuan Tea Group in 2016, incorporates green tea, black tea, dark tea, Oolong tea, white tea and yellow tea, and reinvents Chinese tea culture and Sichuan tea to the yearning of every tea enthusiast.

Dubbed the "Crossroads of the World", Times Square embraces media outlets and tourists worldwide. The advertising screen at the top of the tower (2 Times Square), dedicated to showcasing China's mainstream all year round, is a much-contended space for branding among Chinese cities and enterprises. Tianfu Bestea, starting with the promo clip screening at Times Square, sets sail on its 2018 voyage to bring the presence of Sichuan tea to each and every corner of the world.

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