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MEMBER NEWS: Revolutionary TEA STUDIO Offers a Unique Range of Speciality Teas in the Nilgiris

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posted Tuesday Apr 03, 2018 11:00 AM

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NILGIRIS, INDIA - Tea Studio Pvt Ltd is a greenfield project located in the Nilgiris.  Having been producing a range of similar type of specialty teas in the Nilgiris for well over a decade, they decided to up the ante by literally taking tea manufacturing to a higher plane with the establishment of a new specialty tea manufacturing facility.  The Tea Studio is referred to as a virtual paradigm shift, far removed from any tea manufacturing unit not just in India but globally!

The range of unique limited edition White, Green, Black and Oolong type teas on offer from this matchless facility is the outcome of very fine, freshly harvested high elevation Nilgiri leaf being delicately handled and skilfully crafted to provide the discerning customer with a unique experience in every cup and with each sip.

In a nutshell, the teas are crafted with passion.

  • The project is called Tea STUDIO because that is exactly what it is. Being an artisanal and creative cottage industry type unit which is built on creativity, it is not the usual industrial tea factory
  • Having been built from the ground up, literally brick by brick, the Tea Studio is a revolutionary design aimed at accommodating tea makers for educational purposes, being suitable for visits of tea lovers to allow them to make tea themselves.
  • Taking that a step further, it is intended that we run Tea Studio as a proper Tea School to teach different manufacturing techniques to folk from other countries.  In fact we already have people involved with tea from various origins expressing interest in the idea.
  • In connection with this, going forward, it is also intended that the land in the vicinity of the Studio would be planted with planting material and different cultivars from other origins (China/Japan/Taiwan/Darjeeling…..) so that they could experiment on a larger scale and on a much broader framework instead of confining it to only Nilgiri type Assamica.
  • Theirs being a paradigm shift in tea making methodology which requires the finest possible level of plucking, they are confident that the venture would have a positive ripple effect in bringing awareness to the small holder cultivators in the Nilgiris who appear to have forgotten what quality means. 
  • The teas they are producing in the Tea Studio while not CERTIFIED organic, they may definitely be deemed as being such.  This statement emanates from the fact that the raw material (green leaf) for the studio is all sourced from small and marginal farmers who have their small land holdings (½ acre or ¼ acre plots) located in the vicinity of the Studio.  These small land holders never use any chemicals on their bushes simply because they cannot afford the chemicals.  So the bottom line is that the teas are naturally organic and the resultant teas are, of course, EU/ US compliant.
  • They are producing a wide range of really unusual specialty teas, some of which go a step beyond the quality of some of the classical teas out of China.
  • These are one-of-a-kind stand-alone teas.  Not grades.  On any given day we produce only one particular type of tea.  No grading and no sorting.  In fact we have no sorting machine in the Studio.
  • It is the only tea factory in India which runs on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).  No coal, no firewood. Hence 100% non-polluting.
  • Being located in the heart of tea country, surrounded by small holders, they are buying 100% of their leaf from them, paying a very high price for the green leaf.  Actively supporting the local community by paying 100-200% more than what the industrial type factories pay for green leaf.
  • The Studio is managed and run by only women with Muskan Khanna heading the team of four.  Barring Muskan, the others are ladies from the adjoining villages.
  • Unlike in China where a particular factory or region would produce only one particular type of tea (a la Long Jing) we are producing an array of teas on machinery which is revolutionary in design and functionality.
  • The Tea Studio has been made possible by an unusual team of professionals, bringing to the table some very different but useful skills and experiences. Details of members of the team are available on
  • Once the factory is running on full steam, they intend to support a local NGO run school for children with special needs; and are in discussion with Udhavi to decide on the optimal way to be involved with them.  The intention is that this fact also be showcased on their India-centric packaging which is currently being developed and designed.

While currently offered only in loose bulk packing, the teas would soon also be presented under the 'Teas from TSPL' brand in two formats, loose leaf and pyramid bags.

Additionally, should there be any requirement for the teas to be offered in any private label brands (which is expected to happen) conforming to brand specific packing formats, that would be entirely possible subject to the usual MOQs being met.

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