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NEWS: Planetary Design Introduces Overland Bundle for Coffee Storage on the Road

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posted Sunday Jun 23, 2019 05:00 PM

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Just in time for summer travel, Planetary Design, LLC, is excited to introduce the Overland Bundle for overlanders, van-lifers, car-campers and RVers to keep their favorite gourmet coffee beans and other perishable foods fresh while on the road. This compact and durable bundle features Airscape® Lite airless food storage containers and an Overland Band to hold them together and keep them from rattling around while packed with the rest of the camp kitchen gear. The Overland Bundle is available for $35 at

“Our Overland Bundle is ideal for anyone hitting the road this summer, from logging long miles on the highway to driving bumpy dirt roads to a favorite campsite,” said Jess Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design. “The Airscape containers will keep your coffee, granola and snacks at their freshest, and the Overland Band will secure them together for the trip.”

The bundle comes with two patented Airscape Lite containers – one 4 inches tall and one 7 inches tall – and an Overland Band.

Airscape Lite containers are great for filling with bulk foods, with the 4-inch container holding up to 1/2 pound of whole-bean coffee and the 7-inch container holding up to 1 pound. Or use them for loose tea, cereal, oats, granola, pancake mix, nuts and seeds, freeze-dried snacks, herbs and more. The containers are square-shaped and stackable, and can pack into tight spaces like overlander and van kitchen cabinets and shelves. They’re made from durable BPA- and phthalate-free Tritan plastic that resists scratching and staining, lasting a lifetime. In a tough situation, an Airscape Lite is even sturdy enough to use as a step.

While most “airtight” food storage containers trap air in with the contents, the Airscape’s patented inner lid forces it out through a valve as it is pressed down, then locks in place. This makes the Airscape container the ideal storage solution to preserve the freshness and flavor of coffee or other perishable foods.

The Overland Band is a handy and strong oversized rubber band. It is ideal for holding the 4-inch and 7-inch Airscape containers together stacked, but can also be used to strap other gear together, as resistance bands for exercise and more.

For more information about Planetary Design’s Overland Band Bundle, its Airscape storage containers and their full line of BrüTrek™ French presses, visit

Planetary Design

Planetary Design, LLC, is a Montana-based innovator in the design of coffee and tea brewing vessels, drinkware and food storage containers. Their brands include Airscape®, a line of coffee, tea and food storage containers with a patented inner lid that preserves freshness and flavor, and BrüTrek™, a line of double-wall insulated, stainless steel drinkware and French press coffee makers with Brü-Stop™ technology to avoid the bitter taste of over-brewing. Planetary Design’s high-quality products are known for both functionality and durability, perfect for any adventurous coffee or tea lover. Find out more at

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