Toastmasters Podcast #139: Let's Hear from the 2017 International Convention Volunteers

[27:05] It takes a lot of helping hands to make an International Convention successful. In this episode, recorded live in Vancouver at the 86th annual International Convention, Greg has a conversation with Joe Da Silva, DTM who tells us - what's involved in his role as Volunteer Coordinator Chair overseeing some 240+ volunteers; some of the things he's learned and what people can expect, learn and experience as a volunteer.

In the second half of the podcast, you'll get to meet seven volunteers, many who have taken on various tasks during the event. You'll learn why they signed up to offer at least 10 hours of their time, some of the things they've experienced, even behind the scenes. You’ll no doubt sense the fun they had, the people they met, some memorable moments and the endless opportunities for leadership.

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