Toastmasters Podcast #121: What Can Freestyle Rappers Teach Toastmasters?—Jordan Keyes & Isaac Folch of Free Daps

[27:10] Jordan Keyes (aka Heir Jordan) & Isaac Folchs (aka Isaac Knox) are founders of the comedic improv and freestyle rap group Free Daps. Listen as they share their experiences with Bo & Ryan including how they honed their craft competing in contentious rap battles in the underground hip-hop scene and what it's like entertaining audiences of all ages at Disney World and beyond with their unique fusion of hilarious word play and hip-hop. 

Jordan & Issac provide insight on dealing with performance anxiety, connecting with an audience, “bombing” on stage, and thinking on your feet (you’ll never view Table Topics the same way!).

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast to hear an impromptu Toastmasters-inspired freestyle rap! 

Learn more about Free Daps and connect with them at

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