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Toastmasters Podcast #127: Spanish Bilingual Podcast—Veronica Corona, CC

posted Thursday Sep 14, 2017 06:00 PM

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Greg Gazin

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[28:55] In this our first ever Spanish bilingual podcast, el primer podcast bilingüe en español, podcast host Greg Gazin is joined by guest host Natalie Torres-Haddad. In this episode, in both English and Spanish, we speak with Veronica Corona CC, President of the Hispanic Bilingual Toastmasters Club in Glendale, California. Veronica explains why she decided to join a bilingual Toastmasters club, what it’s like to be part of one, who some of the members are and how it differs from an English-only club. 

Listen to Veronica share stories from her club and enlighten us on how members—no matter what their first language is or level of speaking experience—can benefit from being a member of a bilingual club. 

Veronica is an award-winning entrepreneur recognized by California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Lifestyles magazine, Ford en Español and La Opinion newspaper. She is also a speaker, community leader and best-selling author of Latina Empowerment Through Leadership a collaboration with seven other women.
Veronica can be reached at: mavero@gmail.com or on the Hispanic Bilingual Toastmasters Club Facebook page.

Podcast Episode: Toastmasters Podcast #127: Spanish Bilingual Podcast - Veronica Corona, CC

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