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Toastmasters Podcast #107: Kick a Bad Habit with Dr. Pauline Wallin

posted Thursday May 26, 2016 11:00 AM

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Bo Bennett, PhD

About Bo Bennett, PhD

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As leaders, our level of success is greatly influenced by our habits. How can we get rid of bad habits that hinder our goals, and build new healthy habits that support our objectives? Pauline Wallin, Ph.D., helps us understand the nature of habits, and offers techniques and strategies to help with healthy habit acquisition. Dr. Wallin sheds light on the role of willpower, and shares a powerful method for dealing with temptations (and procrastination) that she calls "15 Magic Minutes." Dr. Wallin is a psychologist in Central Pennsylvania, and is the author of the self-help book Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-defeating Behavior.

Podcast Episode: Toastmasters Podcast #107: Kick a Bad Habit with Dr. Pauline Wallin

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