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Toastmasters Podcast #109: Meet Tony Buzan—2016 Golden Gavel Recipient

posted Friday Jul 08, 2016 08:00 PM

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[26:27] Toastmasters’ most prestigious award is the Golden Gavel. It has been given annually since 1959 to an individual distinguished in the fields of communication and leadership.

Toastmasters International has named Tony Buzan its 2016 Golden Gavel recipient for his leadership in the field of memory research. The award recognizes Buzan’s influence as the creator of Mind Mapping, a popular technique for improving memory, innovation and thought processes. Buzan will be honored this August at the 85th Annual Toastmasters International Convention in Washington, D.C.

A British author of more than 140 books translated into 40 languages, he was nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. He is an authority on principles of learning, productivity and efficiency. A Mind Map is essentially a diagram that represents ideas and concepts branching off from a central idea. It enhances memory through the visual representation of ideas and concepts. Buzan teaches the use of Mind Mapping through training events around the globe, including at prominent companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Walt Disney, British Telecom, Goldman Sachs and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Buzan has spent more than 40 years researching how the brain works and perfecting his Mind Mapping technique. His best-selling books include Use Your Head, The Memory Book, The Speed Reading Book and The Mind Map Book.

In addition, Buzan is the co-founder and president of the Brain Trust Charity, which aims to “maximize the ability of each individual to unlock and deploy the vast capacity of the human brain.” In 1991, he cofounded the World Memory Championships, an annual competition where participants memorize as much information as possible within a given time.

Podcast Episode: Toastmasters Podcast #109: Meet Tony Buzan – 2016 Golden Gavel Recipient

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