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America the "White Christian Nation"

image loading... by Bo Bennett, PhD, Social Scientist, Business Consutlant
posted Sunday Aug 27, 2017 07:00 AM

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Bo Bennett, PhD

Social Scientist, Business Consutlant

About Bo Bennett, PhD

You can read my full bio at http://www.BoBennett.com.

Some christians love to argue how America is or was founded as a "Christian Nation." Similarly, the KKK and other White Nationalist groups love to argue how America is or was founded as a "White Christian Nation." The scary thing is, no matter how we try to slice and dice that argument, if we claim a religious identity of the United States, we have no good reason to reject the racial one the KKK and other White Nationalist groups so proudly profess. Fortunately, the United States was NOT founded as a Christian Nation nor is it one currently. But if you are one who argues that it is, realize that you are also making the case for the hate groups who insist this was meant to be a nation of whites.

So what is meant by a "Christian Nation"? Well, it could mean one of many things:

  1. Some claim that most of the Founding Fathers were Christian. They were also all white. If this is what is meant by "Christian Nation," then we are also a "White Nation."
  2. Most Americans today are Christian. They are also mostly white. If this is what is meany by "Christian Nation," then we are also a "White Nation."
  3. America was founded on "Christian principles." What's a Christian principle, exactly? "Thou shall not murder" and "do on to others...?" These general moral principles have been around for millennia, long before Christianity. Regardless, if we are talking about America being founded on "Christian principles," meaning that these were the principles held by the founders, then we have to say their clear sense of superiority over non-whites, and the clear racial hierarchy were also defining principles. In this sense, we are also a nation founded on "white principles."
  4. Some argue that we are a Christian Nation because "Christianity molded our country." More specifically, the Christian culture had much influence over the American culture. This is actually a fair claim, but if we are going to refer to the United States as a "Christian Nation" simply because of cultural influence (ignoring all the other religions and cultures that influenced our country), then for the same reasons we would need to refer to the United States as a "White Nation," since "white culture" was clearly the dominant influence.
  5. Some argue that the Founding Fathers envisioned America as a Christian Nation; therefore, it should always be a Christian Nation. Again, if one accepts this logic, they must also accept the same claim for the white (and male) dominance that the Founding Fathers so clearly "envisioned" for America. Claiming otherwise is simply intellectually dishonest.

Perhaps the best thing the Founding Fathers did was put a system in place that allows the people to amend the initial vision of the Founding Fathers—a system that we have used 27 times so far. Our past does not equal our future. Inciting division, bigotry, and hatred for people with different religious beliefs or skin color by using identity politics (in this case, the religious or racial identity of a country) is a terrible idea. We might currently be a nation of mostly Christians and a nation of mostly white people, but those demographics are rapidly changing. No matter what our religious, ethnic, cultural background, what we were, are, and always will be is a nation of Americans.


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