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Not. Just. eBooks

image loading... by Ryan Levesque, Publishing Concierge
posted Sunday Mar 03, 2019 05:46 PM

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Ryan Levesque

Publishing Concierge

About Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque served as the President of from the company’s inception in 2010 through 2019.

Ryan now serves as a Publishing Concierge, working directly with authors and publishers to provide customized services (book marketing, one-to-one “hand holding”, video trailers, and more) which go beyond the core offerings of

Oh, and he occasionally blogs for us, too.


Several years ago, there was a radio commercial with a catchy-but-annoying jingle (perhaps the only kind?) for a retailer called Just Pants*. I thought the store sold…well, pants…and nothing else. However, the jingle disabused me of that notion every time the insidious earworm poked its ugly head into my consciousness.

Just Pants.
Not. Just. Pants.

I suppose some hopeful entrepreneur set out to build an entire business on pants…only to find eventually that survival required supplementing the inventory with a mix of shirts, socks and a plethora of must-have, impulse-buy-accessories at the cash register.

Cool story, bro, but what does this have to do with publishing?

Nothing, really.

Except….did you notice our name is

As in eBook. It. Dot. Com.

I often wonder how many writers looking for print-on-demand, audiobooks, and other services might have overlooked us because, surely, if the company name has “eBook” in it, that’s probably all they do!

It could be worse, I suppose. At least we didn’t name the company Just eBooks.

If you haven’t visited in a while, you might be surprised to see how much we’ve grown in our offerings since we first started back in 2010. Whereas many companies are raising prices, we’ve managed to actually lower prices on several of our services. We haven’t added shirts and socks just yet, but here’s some of what we’ve added that you might not have noticed.

eBook Formatting, Conversion & Distribution

This is where it all started, baby.

We can format, convert, and distribute your ebook to retailers.

Or just format and provide the completed eBook files to you (if you wish to distribute them on your own).

And if you’ve already created your ebook files and just need help with distribution, we’re your people for that, too.

Print-on-Demand (POD) for Paperback and Hardcover Books

We offer a full array of print book services.

We can layout and format your inside pages (interior) with appropriate margins, headers, page numbers, table of contents, etc.

We can design your print book cover art.

Again, if you have the talent and inclination to create these files yourself, knock yourself out! We’re happy to take your completed files, put the book into distribution and have copies printed and shipped to you.

We now offer book printing and distribution through both Lightning Source and Amazon’s KDP Print. (R.I.P CreateSpace).

You can have your book available through both channels at no extra cost.

And if you’re hiring us to do the layout and cover, we’ll do it for both channels. Again, at no extra cost!

Audiobook Production and/or Audiobook Distribution

Whether you’ve already produced your audiobook, or want to hire one of our talented professional narrators to produce it for you, either way, we’ve got you covered.

Getting started on your audiobook has never been easier.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

…because there’s nothing worse than getting a copy of your book, and finding a bunch of errors in it!

Let us be your second pair of highly-experienced eyes.

Publishing Concierge Service

We’ve simplified and streamlined some of our offerings over the past several months, and we can still hook you up with highly-personal service, as well as marketing support, video trailers, and more, through our Publishing Concierge.

A certain former executive who was here from Day One provides this service.

Online Course on Turning Your Book Into a Bestseller Founder & CEO and (bestselling author) Bo Bennett created this course to share everything he’s learned about marketing books successfully in the past 20 years.

* * *

In addition to the expansion of our services, we’ve been hard at work under-the-hood making improvements, both seen and unseen. We’ll share more about this in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned, and keep writing!


* I came across this YouTube video from an old Chicago area company called Just Pants. I don’t think it’s the same Just Pants (though I hear lightning can strike twice). Either way, the video is too good not to share. (Some peeps sure know how to rock a pair of pants!)

Did this article make you want to go shopping for some new pants? If so, send me YOUR remarks. I’d love to hear from you!

And remember to share it with others through social media.


Ryan Levesque served as the President of from the company’s inception in 2010 through 2019. Ryan now serves as a Publishing Concierge, working directly with authors and publishers to provide customized services (book marketing, one-to-one “hand holding”, video trailers, and more) which go beyond the core offerings of Oh, and he occasionally blogs for us, too.

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